Company Name State Introduction
Ingrid Smith Counseling Ingrid Smith CA I have been an auditor for 40 years.I can do the entire lower Bridge, plus handle any clear cycles.I also do the solo course and OT levels 1-3.
Whole Track Pictures Dan Koon CA Ghostwriting (memoirs), web copy, editing (books, stories, papers), portraits in acrylic or oil, Old Master reproductions and original abstracts. Ex-SO 1977 - 2004. Worked with LRH on tech films and tech compilations in late 70s and early 80s. SHSBC grad. On OT V. Contact me at
The Courseroom John Williams FL Come to the Courseroom that has the goal of getting you to the top of the Bridge. Not regging you into oblivion.
Trey Lotz Field Ministry Inc. Trey Lotz Ca I have been a full time professional auditor for 43 year, with over 43,000 hours in the chair. I deliver any audited actions from basic life repair up to NOTS. I am also an experienced Ls auditor.
Class XII Auditor & CS Karen de la Carriere CA LRH trained Class XII CS. OT VII. Apollo crew member. Russ Williams AZ Hi. Have a writing job to tackle, but missing the time, hatting, or inclination to deal with it? I'd be happy to help. Web pages, articles, ads, press releases, stories, plans, programs, blog posts, letters to grandma, pleasant notes to the international injustice chief, your bio for Free and Able - you provide the concepts, I'll take care of the grammar and all that. Get in comm, let me know what you need and we'll take it from there.
Empire Web Service Super Fortress NY I have over 22 years experience in the Computer and IT field and have been building websites since 1999. If you need anything from a simple entry level website up to a full scale online store with real-time credit card processing I can help.
Buddha Belly Birth Services Christie Collbran FL I am a certified Birth Doula & Childbirth Educator. I provide physical, emotional and informational support before, during and after labor and birth. I make beautiful, professional belly casts for Moms to keep as a keepsake, and I also sell Baltic amber teething necklaces. To learn more about my services go to:
Fast Change Lda Izhar Perlman    
Life Enhancement Center of Coeur d'Alene Les Warren ID I've been in Scn since 1973. Trained on OEC/FEBC and permanent class IV in the CoS. Trained through Grad V in the indy field. We deliver everything from intro auditing to clear on the processing side and comm course to SHSBC on the training. We also deliver a full drug rehab program for Scientologists and non-Scientologists.
Brett Allen Marketing Brett Haugen   I've been in the Internet Marketing field for the last 12 years with projects from web design to video commercials. I am proficient in Copywriting and is what I love to do most. This involves web pages that cause your viewers to get involved. If you're lacking a profitable web presence, I can help. The main thing I do is to get people to your business. Call me at 727-259-4822 Or visit
  Samantha Domingo    
Land of Smiles Mark Fisher NV I specialize in sales. I have 17 years experience as a Mortgage Loan Officer and have been doing phone sales for the past 18 months for an Internet Service provider.
  Wendy Stuart OR  
FRAPYS yogurt Luis Garcia CA Simply the BEST frozen yogurt west of the Mississippi. If you are ever in the area, do call!
Life Enhancement Center of Coeur d'Alene Anita and Les Warren ID  
  Eileen Clark NV  
The Tallahassee Handyman Mike Wreggitt FL Hello, I'm a "handyman" in the Tallahassee, FL area, and I'm very happy to be on Free and Able!
  Robin Rhyne TX Delivering Book One, assists, consultation lower Grades and NED in North Texas. We also offer ethics consultation.
Dave Adams Photography Dave Adams CA Hi, I'm Dave Adams. I am an architecture, interior design, and general commercial location photographer serving California. Let me know if I can be of service!
Modiste Linda McGinley CA  
Handy Hero, Inc. Shannon Kimoto GA  
  Ignazio Tidu Cagliari  
  Silvia Kusada    
WILLING TO HELP ANYONE Gary Morehead Oregon  
  Gretchen St. Lawrence VA OTV, professional artist (pet portraits), writer, married to David St. Lawrence and living in the Blue Ridge mountains. Two children, three grandchildren.
PURVOIP.COM David LaCroix Tennessee helps business owners get the fastest Internet and best phone services for the lowest rates. All US metropolitan areas + lowest international rates. David LaCroix
McMartin Tom Martiniano AZ I am Tom Martiniano, auditor, supervisor,business consultant, interned evaluator and debugger. I also do ethics handlings for those who understand ethics. There is plenty of work here in Phoenix, if you need work, contact me.
EcoWerks Mike Laws Tx  
DAK Electric David Kramer AZ  
The Starlight Meter Michael   – Development and manufacture of the biological feedback devices. The Starlight Meters.
Theta Advertising & Promotions Theo Sismanides Attiki I was always for the 7 Div Organizing Board of Scientology. What functions we put there is up to us. I know with such an Org Board we can make it. I am into Admin a lot! I believe my strong point is the 3rd dynamic and want to get into business with Indies.
SA Backline Company Rafael Madeira Gauteng  
247Type Transcription Tara MB Louisiana  
Zerotrezerocinque Francesco Minelli Italy Hallo from the Italian Indi Reception !
I and I Processing Steve Irwin CA I have a nationwide Credit Card Processing Business. We handle everything from virtual to card swipe machines and the networks they run on. If you are starting a business and need to process credit cards or have an existing business and would like to enjoy preferred rates, then I may be able to help you! Cheers and Love to All! May you flourish and prosper with joy and love.
Outback Naturals Janis Grady Nevada If your interested in making extra pocket money as an Affiliate, by selling "Forgiven" an alcohol metabolizer, or Natural Calm then checkout or call me directly.
14K GOLD JEWELRY Tony & Marie-Joe DePhillips WA We've been providing fine jewelry, diamonds & gem stones to our customers for more than 20 years. Whether you need diamond earrings, a diamond pendant, a diamond ring or a piece of gold jewelry, we can help fullfill all your jewelry needs. We can also give you cash for your gold. Don't hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to service you.
The Computer Guy Dean Blair Texas Computer company that handles computer repairs, removal of viruses, networking, server maintenance, and anything having to do with computers.
GE Energy Michael Roiger TX  
Dixon Professional Services Donald Dixon Texas In the Freezone and making great progress at last. Always looking for sane people to communicate with. I am in Houston, the fourth largest city in the United States. Where are these people? lol Looking for any kind of work that can use engineering skills/aptitude.
Eagle Furniture Restoration stephen sarocky pa  
Restore Solutions Antonio Amodeo Italy Ciao!! I dont speak and write on english very good but my primary job is,tecnical paintless dent removal. Specialist on hail damage on cars. I LOVE USA greetings from Italy to alls indipendents
  Rob Thomas TX  
Moneca Ryane Moneca Ryane TX Naturopathic Doctor, Doctor of Clinical Medicine, Certified Nutritional Consultant
The Communal Solution Trish House AR Hi! I am a long time Scientologist. I am living in Arkansas on 35 acres with my partner, Chris, and we are working on establishing a sustainable eco-community for around 300 people on 500 acres. You can learn more about this on our website We are actively seeking help in manifesting a shared community so if you are interested please contact us.
Field Auditor Robin Adair CA I've been trained and certified on: New Era Dianetics Course, HNEDA; Happiness RD Auditor Course, HRD; Class IV, Hubbard Validated Auditor, HVA; Hubbard Senior Sec Checker Course, HSSC; False Purpose Rundown Auditors Course,FPRD Specialist; CLVI, Saint Hill Special Briefing Course, Hubbard Senior Scientologist, HSS. Able to audit and review all actions and levels to original OT VII. Free ARCx session available. Will handle what upset you have with the Organization and get you moving back on the Bridge again by applying *Standard Tech*.
Expert E-Meter Services Craig Robart CA I am currently the go-to guy when you need your church meter repaired or re-certified. You can read my many clients' Success Stories at my webpage, which also includes the details of my meter services. I've returned literally hundreds of church meters to service since 2005. I am honest and fair and make sure every client is completely satisfied at the conclusion of our business.
Class 5 Graduate, FPRD Auditor Ziba   Hello there! My name is Ziba; my husband, our little baby boy, our two cats and I live in Denver, CO. I am a Cl V Graduate, FPRD Auditor. I have audited many PCs around the world and have delivered thousands of hours of Auditing. I am also a trained Supervisor and Word clearer, able to deliver any type of Scientology courses or seminars. I am also an OT8. I can't wait to meet my new PCs within the Independent Field and help them in creating beautiful and happy lives full of fun, freedom, and enjoyment. Feel free to contact me under or give me a call under 303 495 9887. Best, Z
  Michael Fairman CA  
Tunedal & Videre Stefan Tunedal    
  Ian Waxler CA  
Revitalizing Ministry Patricia Krenik WA  
1-4 John Mongiello California Learn how easy it is to print t shirts at home and make extra money with very little capital investment.I'll show you how to cut corners and were not to in starting up your business. Just watch my easy to understand video's at your own pace for free .
Anthony Mongiello Photography Anthony Mongiello California  
  Barry Hollenbeck Mi.  
Custom Stained Glass and Sculpture Terry Brawley Fl.  
  Anat Krier OR Business Coach Helping small businesses succeed by: 1. Finding out the goals and purposes or mission statement of the client 2. Identifying the obstacles in the way 3. Help remove them to get the client on his way and closer to where he wants to be. Call Today for a free complimentary session!
El Puente en español   Spain El Puente en español (e inglés) Sesiones ONLINE o presenciales. The Bridge in Spanish & English. ONLINE & face to face sessions. Reasonable prices.
Kynesthetics i.Gr. Michael Quandert Germany  
Technical Author Services Pty Ltd Michael Moore Vic Managing Director of a small company and President of an overseas NFP Association, Michael is also a consultant researcher and analyst with experience in such diverse fields as corporate governance, publishing, precious metals and gemstones. Michael is a regular contributor to a number of Australian Periodicals including Australian Resources & Investment' Journal, AHA Investor and Veritas among others. Please check out the bio at for more information.
snuggly blankets Carrie Todd MN  
Go Sexy London Ari Di Angelo DF  
  rogers martin idf I am delivering auditing up to Clear state
  John Harrill OH  
  John Harrill OH  
  Louise Gilbert Spraker CA  
Randy Smith -Pro Indie Auditor and CS Randy Smith CA Veteran Class VI Auditor and Case Supervisor, delivering Standard Tech in the LA area. Together, we can handle what you need and want.
  Gustaf Jones    
The CS Organization   California  
Nature's Splendor Inc. Joseph Taylor FL  
  Gustaf Jones    
Class VI auditor/Case Supervisor will travel Gayle Smith FL Hello, My name is Gayle Smith. I'm a Class VI CS and trained Cramming Officer. I did all my training at Flag. I am a veteran staff member who worked in Qual for all but 3 months of my 18 years on staff. I'm OT V. My goal is to help you reach yours with LRH tech.
Wintergreen Organics & Naturals Zana Zeches VA  
Carpe Celerity Jim Knight FL  
Spindrift School of Performing Arts Keira Robalino CA  
Andy Porter Photography and Consulting Andy Porter WA I love being in the wilderness. The space and solitude are soothing. I try to capture that feeling in picture form. After leaving employ in the church I began a journey to develop my own managenment style. Focusing on word of mouth as the best way to build a business I came up with simple tools for creating a fun, productive work place. The result is called the "Word of Mouth Marketing Workshop". You can read more about it here:
  Richard Royce Oregon I was in Scientology for over 40 years. I am a trained auditor and can deliver lower bridge in Southern Oregon. I also can travel to deliver. I am also a professional Guitarist and just went live internationally at
Scandic Coating Sweden Pax Tielman Skane Scott Gordon CO Hello there. I appreciate having this place to connect with you. I am an auditor (Class 0 in the church - now co-auditing Grades) and unattested Clear specializing in Introductory Programs (including Life Repair) for new people (and kids), and independently trained-up to deliver correction and rescue auditing for others needing help after Miscavology, mainly delivering Grades and auditing programs up to Clear. My training has been an in-depth and thorough self-study, with the practical experience of co-auditing with a Flag-interned Class IV and Pro Supervisor, over the years I have been out of the church. I WILL TRAVEL TO YOUR LOCATION. I have also been a fully-hatted DSA and have a flair for legal support (affidavits, refund requests), architecture student and master carpenter (remodeling!) and am a certified schoolteacher with Pro Word Clearer and Supervisor training as well. I can tutor kids and adults and de-bug students.
Paradigm Technologies jimmy wolery Hawaii My dedication is, was, and always will be to understand what my clients really want, and to help them achieve that. I work with the person in front of me, not from any considerations on who, what or how he or she *should* be.
  Bill Straass Oregon Errol Sayin California  
  Don Tompkins Colorado  
Carpe Celerity Jim Knight Fl  
Actors Headshots Photographer Los Angeles james d ca  
Field Indie C/S Greta Alexander CA Hi all! Steve, thanks for this opportunity! In the Co$ I was happiest when working as a C/S. But enough was enough and I left in 1998. Now wearing this hat again and being fully back on purpose it is wonderful to undo any reverse Scientology / out-Tech and move pcs and preOTs again standardly up LRH's Bridge.
Health and Body Restoration Jill Coleman CA FOCUS ON HEALTH INSTEAD OF TREATING DISEASE! I do very accurate nutritional testing, and can test for heavy metals, toxic chemicals, and more. I only use medicinal grade, organic whole food remedies. My approach is truely preventative as well as curative. I also deliver Touch Assists if needed! I love to teach and get in com with anyone interested in getting healthier naturally. CHECK OUT MY WEBSITE FOR SUCESS STORIES. I LOOK FORWARD TO HEARING FROM YOU!
  Nancy McPherson MT  
  linda mccarthy az  
ISC Global Inc. Christine Barclay CA Quickbooks Consultant, Freelancer since 1990.
  John Harrill OH  
Chef Jem Chef Jem California  
American Freezone San Francisco Valoree D'Angeles, OTII, Class 0 CA Hello! We've been delivering standard tech and making Clears in Nor Cal since 2006. We are here for you. We have trained Course Supervisors and can get you trained to audit others, as well as Solo Audit. This is the only Independent training in the bay area!
  Stephanie Relfe FL I have never been in the Church of $cientology. However, I did over 150 hours of auditing in the Free Zone and received over 150 hours of training in auditing, using accelerated learning methods which are much faster than the church does. I received my training from auditors who were top level auditors, at least one of whom spent time on Flag with Hubbard. My teachers were OT8, which was completed after Hubbard died, in the Free Zone. These auditors were part of the Free Zone in Australia and New Zealand, and left in the pogrom of 1982. I have also completed over 200 hours of training in Kinesiology. Kinesiology uses muscle testing to heal and improve the body. It also removes emotional stress from the body, which can still be present even after charge has been removed from the mind. I have practiced as a professional clearing practitioner (auditor) and specialized kinesiologist since 1993. Please see my training DVD system at
  Giuseppe Cremonesi CA  
The Edie Irons' Studio Edie Irons Texas  
  David Walsh California  

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