Mike Laws

everyone, environmental

Company EcoWerks
Address Port Arthur, Tx 77642
Email Address michael@ecowerks.com
Website Address www.ecowerks.com
Country USA

EcoWerks is a broad service environmental company.  We serve heavy, light and commercial industries ranging from shipping and transportation; disaster, marine salvage, oil spill, fire and other emergency response, though manufacturing, oil and gas exploration through refining and petrochemical.

The company’s core competencies are based around its technologies for oily waste recycling, resource recovery and wastewater treatment.  EcoWerks owns and operates a recycling facility in Port Arthur, Texas with a 36 million gallon per year capacity together with a cleaning and decontamination plant, a 25,000 bbl (1,000,000 gallon) tanker barge with an emergency response and oil spill recovery platform, together with numerous other assets for service and response work.

In 2006 and 2007 the company entered the salvage industry winning contracts and executing approximately 29 vessel salvages and decon/scrapping/recycling of hulls, materials and equipment. Though some of these were large projects, and EcoWerks is a small business, they were executed thought strategic alliances with larger companies.

In 2008 the company completed a multi million dollar engineering and upgrade project to its processing facility in Port Arthur, creating a state of the art and world class facility for recycling oily waste materials and wastewaters.

In 2009 the company successfully completed a million dollar pilot robotic/non human entry tank cleaning and waste minimization project for ExxonMobil. The project involved a turn of the century tank that had not been cleaned since 1964, was structurally unsound, preventing human entry, and 10,000 barrels of sludge which was reduced to 2,000 barrels of solid waste, with water and oil returned to the plant for re-use and processing. Earlier attempts to clean the tank using traditional methods failed.

Together with its existing recycling and processing expertise, this project was a significant step forward in the company’s mission of providing technology and services to help create sustainable industry and bring this industry into the 21st century.


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