Company Name State Introduction
PURVOIP.COM David LaCroix Tennessee helps business owners get the fastest Internet and best phone services for the lowest rates. All US metropolitan areas + lowest international rates. David LaCroix
McMartin Tom Martiniano AZ I am Tom Martiniano, auditor, supervisor,business consultant, interned evaluator and debugger. I also do ethics handlings for those who understand ethics. There is plenty of work here in Phoenix, if you need work, contact me.
Theta Advertising & Promotions Theo Sismanides Attiki I was always for the 7 Div Organizing Board of Scientology. What functions we put there is up to us. I know with such an Org Board we can make it. I am into Admin a lot! I believe my strong point is the 3rd dynamic and want to get into business with Indies.
Zerotrezerocinque Francesco Minelli Italy Hallo from the Italian Indi Reception !
I and I Processing Steve Irwin CA I have a nationwide Credit Card Processing Business. We handle everything from virtual to card swipe machines and the networks they run on. If you are starting a business and need to process credit cards or have an existing business and would like to enjoy preferred rates, then I may be able to help you! Cheers and Love to All! May you flourish and prosper with joy and love.
Dixon Professional Services Donald Dixon Texas In the Freezone and making great progress at last. Always looking for sane people to communicate with. I am in Houston, the fourth largest city in the United States. Where are these people? lol Looking for any kind of work that can use engineering skills/aptitude.
Restore Solutions Antonio Amodeo Italy Ciao!! I dont speak and write on english very good but my primary job is,tecnical paintless dent removal. Specialist on hail damage on cars. I LOVE USA greetings from Italy to alls indipendents
Global Freedom Network Roy Selby Wa. The Field Practice of Roy Selby, Class V Graduate and Flag Trained Flag Executive Briefing Course Graduate.
  haydn James    
1-4 John Mongiello California Learn how easy it is to print t shirts at home and make extra money with very little capital investment.I'll show you how to cut corners and were not to in starting up your business. Just watch my easy to understand video's at your own pace for free .
  Anat Krier OR Business Coach Helping small businesses succeed by: 1. Finding out the goals and purposes or mission statement of the client 2. Identifying the obstacles in the way 3. Help remove them to get the client on his way and closer to where he wants to be. Call Today for a free complimentary session!
Technical Author Services Pty Ltd Michael Moore Vic Managing Director of a small company and President of an overseas NFP Association, Michael is also a consultant researcher and analyst with experience in such diverse fields as corporate governance, publishing, precious metals and gemstones. Michael is a regular contributor to a number of Australian Periodicals including Australian Resources & Investment' Journal, AHA Investor and Veritas among others. Please check out the bio at for more information.
The CS Organization   California  
Wintergreen Organics & Naturals Zana Zeches VA  
Andy Porter Photography and Consulting Andy Porter WA I love being in the wilderness. The space and solitude are soothing. I try to capture that feeling in picture form. After leaving employ in the church I began a journey to develop my own managenment style. Focusing on word of mouth as the best way to build a business I came up with simple tools for creating a fun, productive work place. The result is called the "Word of Mouth Marketing Workshop". You can read more about it here:
Paradigm Technologies jimmy wolery Hawaii My dedication is, was, and always will be to understand what my clients really want, and to help them achieve that. I work with the person in front of me, not from any considerations on who, what or how he or she *should* be. Errol Sayin California  
American Freezone San Francisco Valoree D'Angeles, OTII, Class 0 CA Hello! We've been delivering standard tech and making Clears in Nor Cal since 2006. We are here for you. We have trained Course Supervisors and can get you trained to audit others, as well as Solo Audit. This is the only Independent training in the bay area!
  Jermaine Muhammad IL  
  Tim Roland TX I specialize in Life Repair, and the Grade Chart to Clear.
  Linda Miller OH  
  Catherine Tucker MT  
.. Julio Moya Spain  
Fresh Start Solutions Regine Kelly QLD  
  Joe Luca California Greetings --- if you're looking for a problem solver for your business or someone to capture your ideas and translate them in an interesting and compelling way, contact me, I can help.
Bankruptcy Expert Dianne Garcia QLD  
Retired Joe Vitale Pa  
Live baccarat ireland Gideon Rosenblatt Dublin  


Free and Able exists to cut the economic noose imposed by corrupt Church of Scientology leaders against ex-members and Independent Scientologists through disconnection, defamation and discrimination, including efforts to ruin CoS whistleblowers by torpedoing their source of income or running off their customers.

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