Dave Soroka

everyone, music, training, tv / film / video, writing / editing

Company Observation Mountain Academy
Address Grand Fortks, BC V0H 1H0
Email Address dave@davesoroka.com
Website Address www.davesoroka.com
Country Canada
Phone 250-442-3668
Cell Phone 250-442-6546
Introduction Canadian singer/songwriter, and trained sup.
Status Independent Scientologist
Opinion DM is a criminal

I'm a Canadian songwriter and I perform at a few festivals around BC, and I've toured down through the US a couple of times. I was on staff at VanF for a few years in the early '80s, got my sup training in Toronto in '81, sup'd the VanF Academy for about two years, did fairly well at it. I've had some limited SO experience, did my DPF on the Excal in '73, blew soon after when my then wife and I saw how it was going to be for us and our son. Then in 1984 I did the EPF at PAC and went to ASHO to be the BC Sup, but was instead thrown upstairs into Qual as the Intern Sup, in an internship with zero students. Called in one student, and then I stood on the floor and sup'd her, making sure she was winning, and like magic over the next few weeks the course filled up. I don't think a sup should concern himself with students who aren't there, as long as there's even one who is. I was sent up to Portland as a "celeb" for the Crusade in '85, and after that I was FB'd out of the SO, for a number of reasons, but the only one I recall was my LSD history from 1969 - '71. I remember thinking, when they FB'd me out, that Ron must have put that LSD out-qual in place as much out of compassion for the poor guy with the LSD history as for the Sea Org itself. I am fairly certain LSD does damage to a person's dynamics somehow. I feel it damaged mine, and me and my damaged dynamics have caused a fair amount of hurt over the years. I'm trying to fix it.

My now wife and I quit the Church in August of 2013 and then, along with a couple of friends (my ex and her husband), opened a small, even quaint, academy where we get together twice a week to study (I sup), and where we also deliver training to others. I'm a past lifer, went Clear in 1947. Born into this life in 1954, got back into Scn in '72. DCSI in 1978. It's funny, all those years in the Church and never got anything even closely resembling a Sunshine Rundown. Just nobody cared enough to help a poor Clear find his footing. Non-interference? The Church has amassed a fortune by interfering with Clears and OTs. So I had given up on the Bridge for this lifetime, gone back to just being human for the remainder of it. But last month, just 14 months after leaving the Church and after thirty years of no Bridge progress inside the Church, I re-did my DCSI and finally got my SSRD. I'm back on the Bridge, and so is my wife. Also, our group is making auditors and Clears and OTs out here in the Field. But the study sessions, while immensely fun, are not easy; we're having to step very carefully through the quagmire of false data, counterfeit HCOBs and HCOPLs, altered tech, squirrelly applications...one student pointed out yesterday that we're "back to square one: Having the correct technology."

My wife and I got a joint Declare last Fall and we keep it on the wall of our academy, where my cert would usually hang. An SP Declare from a suppressive organisation is in all practicality, I think, a Social Personality Declare.

Anyway, that's me in a great big squirrelly nutshell.


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