Company Name State Introduction
Ingrid Smith Counseling Ingrid Smith CA I have been an auditor for 40 years.I can do the entire lower Bridge, plus handle any clear cycles.I also do the solo course and OT levels 1-3.
Trey Lotz Field Ministry Inc. Trey Lotz Ca I have been a full time professional auditor for 43 year, with over 43,000 hours in the chair. I deliver any audited actions from basic life repair up to NOTS. I am also an experienced Ls auditor.
Class XII Auditor & CS Karen de la Carriere CA LRH trained Class XII CS. OT VII. Apollo crew member.
Life Enhancement Center of Coeur d'Alene Les Warren ID I've been in Scn since 1973. Trained on OEC/FEBC and permanent class IV in the CoS. Trained through Grad V in the indy field. We deliver everything from intro auditing to clear on the processing side and comm course to SHSBC on the training. We also deliver a full drug rehab program for Scientologists and non-Scientologists.
Life Enhancement Center of Coeur d'Alene Anita and Les Warren ID  
  Robin Rhyne TX Delivering Book One, assists, consultation lower Grades and NED in North Texas. We also offer ethics consultation.
  Ignazio Tidu Cagliari  
  Silvia Kusada    
David St Lawrence Field Practice David St Lawrence VA I specialize in handling PCs who have not been allowed to attest to the state of clear and those who have been having trouble because their OT case was never properly handled. My PCs range from OT8s to those who have been denied services because the church could not handle them. I am a Grad V auditor, OT VII and I've spent 23 years successfully using the technology described by L Ron Hubbard to help others and to help myself. I provide personal and career counseling services.
McMartin Tom Martiniano AZ I am Tom Martiniano, auditor, supervisor,business consultant, interned evaluator and debugger. I also do ethics handlings for those who understand ethics. There is plenty of work here in Phoenix, if you need work, contact me.
Global Freedom Network Roy Selby Wa. The Field Practice of Roy Selby, Class V Graduate and Flag Trained Flag Executive Briefing Course Graduate.
Field Auditor Robin Adair CA I've been trained and certified on: New Era Dianetics Course, HNEDA; Happiness RD Auditor Course, HRD; Class IV, Hubbard Validated Auditor, HVA; Hubbard Senior Sec Checker Course, HSSC; False Purpose Rundown Auditors Course,FPRD Specialist; CLVI, Saint Hill Special Briefing Course, Hubbard Senior Scientologist, HSS. Able to audit and review all actions and levels to original OT VII. Free ARCx session available. Will handle what upset you have with the Organization and get you moving back on the Bridge again by applying *Standard Tech*.
Expert E-Meter Services Craig Robart CA I am currently the go-to guy when you need your church meter repaired or re-certified. You can read my many clients' Success Stories at my webpage, which also includes the details of my meter services. I've returned literally hundreds of church meters to service since 2005. I am honest and fair and make sure every client is completely satisfied at the conclusion of our business.
Field Auditor Linda Noble ID Hello there! I am a Book One Field Auditor in Hayden, Idaho who wants to help others find and align with their own true selves. What you are focused on is want to help you achieve. I can do Life Repairs, Book One Auditing, Self-Analysis, and Straightwire. Please feel free to contact me @ or 208-449-3795.
Class 5 Graduate, FPRD Auditor Ziba   Hello there! My name is Ziba; my husband, our little baby boy, our two cats and I live in Denver, CO. I am a Cl V Graduate, FPRD Auditor. I have audited many PCs around the world and have delivered thousands of hours of Auditing. I am also a trained Supervisor and Word clearer, able to deliver any type of Scientology courses or seminars. I am also an OT8. I can't wait to meet my new PCs within the Independent Field and help them in creating beautiful and happy lives full of fun, freedom, and enjoyment. Feel free to contact me under or give me a call under 303 495 9887. Best, Z
  Ian Waxler CA  
Revitalizing Ministry Patricia Krenik WA  
El Puente en español   Spain El Puente en español (e inglés) Sesiones ONLINE o presenciales. The Bridge in Spanish & English. ONLINE & face to face sessions. Reasonable prices.
Kynesthetics i.Gr. Michael Quandert Germany  
  rogers martin idf I am delivering auditing up to Clear state
  John Harrill OH  
  John Harrill OH  
Randy Smith -Pro Indie Auditor and CS Randy Smith CA Veteran Class VI Auditor and Case Supervisor, delivering Standard Tech in the LA area. Together, we can handle what you need and want.
Chris Black, HSST Class VIII C/S, Class IX Auditor Ontario My purposes are to restore hope, to demonstrate that Standard Tech can be obtained, and that the Bridge is open and available outside the Church. As part of those purposes, I seek to help others reach their goals in Scientology, rehab any wins that may have been bypassed due to out-tech in the FZ or in the Church, to help everyone realize their full potential through standard application of LRH technology to the end of enabling the being to play a better game, make better choices, and have a better life.
Class VI auditor/Case Supervisor will travel Gayle Smith FL Hello, My name is Gayle Smith. I'm a Class VI CS and trained Cramming Officer. I did all my training at Flag. I am a veteran staff member who worked in Qual for all but 3 months of my 18 years on staff. I'm OT V. My goal is to help you reach yours with LRH tech.
  Richard Royce Oregon I was in Scientology for over 40 years. I am a trained auditor and can deliver lower bridge in Southern Oregon. I also can travel to deliver. I am also a professional Guitarist and just went live internationally at Scott Gordon CO Hello there. I appreciate having this place to connect with you. I am an auditor (Class 0 in the church - now co-auditing Grades) and unattested Clear specializing in Introductory Programs (including Life Repair) for new people (and kids), and independently trained-up to deliver correction and rescue auditing for others needing help after Miscavology, mainly delivering Grades and auditing programs up to Clear. My training has been an in-depth and thorough self-study, with the practical experience of co-auditing with a Flag-interned Class IV and Pro Supervisor, over the years I have been out of the church. I WILL TRAVEL TO YOUR LOCATION. I have also been a fully-hatted DSA and have a flair for legal support (affidavits, refund requests), architecture student and master carpenter (remodeling!) and am a certified schoolteacher with Pro Word Clearer and Supervisor training as well. I can tutor kids and adults and de-bug students.
Candy Swanson - CLASS VIII XDN FIELD AUDITOR Candy Swanson California Specialize in Life Repair and working with Couples; pre-GAT. CLASS VIII XDN Field Auditor & C/S WILL TRAVEL!
Paradigm Technologies jimmy wolery Hawaii My dedication is, was, and always will be to understand what my clients really want, and to help them achieve that. I work with the person in front of me, not from any considerations on who, what or how he or she *should* be.
Field Indie C/S Greta Alexander CA Hi all! Steve, thanks for this opportunity! In the Co$ I was happiest when working as a C/S. But enough was enough and I left in 1998. Now wearing this hat again and being fully back on purpose it is wonderful to undo any reverse Scientology / out-Tech and move pcs and preOTs again standardly up LRH's Bridge.
  linda mccarthy az  
  John Harrill OH  
American Freezone San Francisco Valoree D'Angeles, OTII, Class 0 CA Hello! We've been delivering standard tech and making Clears in Nor Cal since 2006. We are here for you. We have trained Course Supervisors and can get you trained to audit others, as well as Solo Audit. This is the only Independent training in the bay area!
Class VIII Auditor, FPRD, XDN, Power, NOTs, L-Rundowns - English and German Wolfgang Keller   I am a permanent Class VIII Auditor and I audit in English and German covering the entire Bridge from Life Repair to Clear including every specialist rundown, Expanded Dianetics, Marriage Counseling. Any desired Ethics and Admin handling is part of that. Additionally, I trained on-Source with highly experienced Ex-SO Auditors to deliver NOTs. Power and the L-Rundowns. My auditing is supervised by longtime C/Ss and carried out with a trained Qual terminal for corrective actions. I am based in Los Angeles, but I love to travel and service PCs and Pre OTs worldwide.
CL VIII Auditor & C/S, FPRD Aud, Purif I/C & C/S Forrest Crane AK I came into Scn in Denver, CO. It's always has been with me to live in Alaska. I audit new pcs up through their Grades and NED.
Daron Kevin Ryan Daron Ryan Vic  
  Jermaine Muhammad IL  
Calss 5 Graduate (Pre GAT) Purif IC & C/S   ID
  Tim Roland TX I specialize in Life Repair, and the Grade Chart to Clear.
The Foundation Stefan Tunedal   We are delivering training and auditing since May 2012, located in Skogas just south of Stockholm, Sweden.
  Fred Aeilts AZ  
Silvia Silvia CA  
Learning English with Steve Stepan Hatting Utah  
  Gwyneth Rolph   Training, word clearing, Book 1, Self Analysis, assists.
  jose pinzon atlantico  
Planet Freeman Mary and Franklin Freeman ID LRH-trained Class 8 Auditors and C/Ses. We specialize in Upper Levels, OT reviews, and ethics. See our profile for more details.
Higher Spiritual Abilities, LLC Ronit Charny OR  
  Ssamira Golo NY  
Dror Center Dror Center    
  Elli Fordyce New York  
  Jeff CO I deliver life repair, objectives, ARC straightwire, greades 0 - IV, power / power plus.
Self Employed   TX  


Free and Able exists to cut the economic noose imposed by corrupt Church of Scientology leaders against ex-members and Independent Scientologists through disconnection, defamation and discrimination, including efforts to ruin CoS whistleblowers by torpedoing their source of income or running off their customers.

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