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Introduction Hello there. I appreciate having this place to connect with you. I am an auditor (Class 0 in the church - now co-auditing Grades) and unattested Clear specializing in Introductory Programs (including Life Repair) for new people (and kids), and independently trained-up to deliver correction and rescue auditing for others needing help after Miscavology, mainly delivering Grades and auditing programs up to Clear. My training has been an in-depth and thorough self-study, with the practical experience of co-auditing with a Flag-interned Class IV and Pro Supervisor, over the years I have been out of the church. I WILL TRAVEL TO YOUR LOCATION. I have also been a fully-hatted DSA and have a flair for legal support (affidavits, refund requests), architecture student and master carpenter (remodeling!) and am a certified schoolteacher with Pro Word Clearer and Supervisor training as well. I can tutor kids and adults and de-bug students.
Status Independent Scientologist
Opinion DM is a criminal

Before I found Dianetics, I was an underpaid and under-utilized carpenter and architecture student, unable to shake a hostile divorce and scrambling to keep up with my child support obligations.

I found Dianetics and took the HDA course and joined staff at CCDallas - all in 1993.  I moved rapidly through my training and became the Division 6 Basic Course Supervisor and Professional Word Clearer (pre-GAT version) for three years.  I continued my technical training even as I transferred to Office of Special Affairs post as Director of Special Affairs (DSA) in 1999.  I was a full-time, recognized schoolteacher during most of my staff years, the organization executives unable to override my legal obligation to pay child support.

I finished my Professional Metering Course and Academy Level 0 in Mexico City in 2006.  I had married a Costa Rican Scientologist and spent 6 years there on staff as DSA and as-needed Intro Auditor for English-speaking public, where I experienced an internship similar to a Class IV internship, learning to C/S, program and handle new cases needing Life Repairs.  I finished my time on staff in December 2009 and found the Tampa Bay Times Truth Rundown just days later.  I went straight for the FreeZone with a full-time investigation of Scientology history and technology that hasn't really ended to this day.

I became a full-time, independent, professional Field Auditor in December 2012, already having co-audited and learned all needed skills for Grades-level processes, advanced Rundowns and repairs, with my Flag-trained Class IV and Pro Supervisor twin.

I currently divide my time between Pueblo, Co and Dallas, TX.  I travel to clients regularly. 

I deliver the entire route to Clear and specialize in Introductory Auditing and Life Repair.  I have cracked a couple of the roughest, long-term failed cases in the FreeZone, repairing Interiorization difficulties where others could not.  I take pride in my persistence in continual study of the theory and practice of solving unmoving cases, as well as case categories ("illegal pcs" and "no-gain cases") that could not receive auditing in the church. 

I am a process librarian, with collections of processes including LRH processes that were not incorporated into the Grades.  LRH asked the group to continue tabulating his tech in KSW#1, and I am a tabulator.  I also work at simplifying training for do-it-yourself co-audit teams, and have consulted and case-supervised these teams, as well as tabulated rundowns and Grades line-ups for auditors of all levels.  As a trained supervisor, I offer free training to clients who are auditing with me.

"Auditors are made by auditing," and unless we make auditors, this great technology will not be passed on.


Free and Able exists to cut the economic noose imposed by corrupt Church of Scientology leaders against ex-members and Independent Scientologists through disconnection, defamation and discrimination, including efforts to ruin CoS whistleblowers by torpedoing their source of income or running off their customers.

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