Les Warren

everyone, auditors

Company Life Enhancement Center of Coeur d'Alene
Address Hayden, ID 83835
Email Address idealscene1@gmail.com
Website Address Life Enhancement Center of Coeur d'Alene
Country Kootnai
Phone 818 730-1399
Introduction I've been in Scn since 1973. Trained on OEC/FEBC and permanent class IV in the CoS. Trained through Grad V in the indy field. We deliver everything from intro auditing to clear on the processing side and comm course to SHSBC on the training. We also deliver a full drug rehab program for Scientologists and non-Scientologists.
Status Independent Scientologist
Opinion DM is a criminal


Free and Able exists to cut the economic noose imposed by corrupt Church of Scientology leaders against ex-members and Independent Scientologists through disconnection, defamation and discrimination, including efforts to ruin CoS whistleblowers by torpedoing their source of income or running off their customers.

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