Company Name State Introduction
Great Shape Today Peter Cook VT I am successfully assisting people to achieve and maintain their optimum weight though proper cellular nutrition. I deliver my service via the internet and ship my product all over the planet.
Buddha Belly Birth Services Christie Collbran FL I am a certified Birth Doula & Childbirth Educator. I provide physical, emotional and informational support before, during and after labor and birth. I make beautiful, professional belly casts for Moms to keep as a keepsake, and I also sell Baltic amber teething necklaces. To learn more about my services go to:
Outback Naturals Janis Grady Nevada If your interested in making extra pocket money as an Affiliate, by selling "Forgiven" an alcohol metabolizer, or Natural Calm then checkout or call me directly.
Restore Solutions Antonio Amodeo Italy Ciao!! I dont speak and write on english very good but my primary job is,tecnical paintless dent removal. Specialist on hail damage on cars. I LOVE USA greetings from Italy to alls indipendents
Moneca Ryane Moneca Ryane TX Naturopathic Doctor, Doctor of Clinical Medicine, Certified Nutritional Consultant
The Communal Solution Trish House AR Hi! I am a long time Scientologist. I am living in Arkansas on 35 acres with my partner, Chris, and we are working on establishing a sustainable eco-community for around 300 people on 500 acres. You can learn more about this on our website We are actively seeking help in manifesting a shared community so if you are interested please contact us.
Go Sexy London Ari Di Angelo DF  
Chris Black, HSST Class VIII C/S, Class IX Auditor Ontario My purposes are to restore hope, to demonstrate that Standard Tech can be obtained, and that the Bridge is open and available outside the Church. As part of those purposes, I seek to help others reach their goals in Scientology, rehab any wins that may have been bypassed due to out-tech in the FZ or in the Church, to help everyone realize their full potential through standard application of LRH technology to the end of enabling the being to play a better game, make better choices, and have a better life.
Nature's Splendor Inc. Joseph Taylor FL  
Wintergreen Organics & Naturals Zana Zeches VA  
Candy Swanson - CLASS VIII XDN FIELD AUDITOR Candy Swanson California Specialize in Life Repair and working with Couples; pre-GAT. CLASS VIII XDN Field Auditor & C/S WILL TRAVEL!
Health and Body Restoration Jill Coleman CA FOCUS ON HEALTH INSTEAD OF TREATING DISEASE! I do very accurate nutritional testing, and can test for heavy metals, toxic chemicals, and more. I only use medicinal grade, organic whole food remedies. My approach is truely preventative as well as curative. I also deliver Touch Assists if needed! I love to teach and get in com with anyone interested in getting healthier naturally. CHECK OUT MY WEBSITE FOR SUCESS STORIES. I LOOK FORWARD TO HEARING FROM YOU!
Chef Jem Chef Jem California  
American Freezone San Francisco Valoree D'Angeles, OTII, Class 0 CA Hello! We've been delivering standard tech and making Clears in Nor Cal since 2006. We are here for you. We have trained Course Supervisors and can get you trained to audit others, as well as Solo Audit. This is the only Independent training in the bay area!
  Stephanie Relfe FL I have never been in the Church of $cientology. However, I did over 150 hours of auditing in the Free Zone and received over 150 hours of training in auditing, using accelerated learning methods which are much faster than the church does. I received my training from auditors who were top level auditors, at least one of whom spent time on Flag with Hubbard. My teachers were OT8, which was completed after Hubbard died, in the Free Zone. These auditors were part of the Free Zone in Australia and New Zealand, and left in the pogrom of 1982. I have also completed over 200 hours of training in Kinesiology. Kinesiology uses muscle testing to heal and improve the body. It also removes emotional stress from the body, which can still be present even after charge has been removed from the mind. I have practiced as a professional clearing practitioner (auditor) and specialized kinesiologist since 1993. Please see my training DVD system at
  Leonardo R. Goens    
  Jermaine Muhammad IL  
  Tim Roland TX I specialize in Life Repair, and the Grade Chart to Clear.
T J Promotions Terence James Gwent  
Reloxe - Natural Hair Regrowth Supplement Julia Rachels Florida  
  Catherine Zuppero CA  
.. Julio Moya Spain  
Young Images A Young TX  
Hudson Valley Holistic Center Reuven Bekermus New York  
  Luis Nunes    
  Camilla Andersson Idaho  
  Eleanor Lebrecht IN - Indiana  
Gulf South Medical Testing Mark Diecidue La  


Free and Able exists to cut the economic noose imposed by corrupt Church of Scientology leaders against ex-members and Independent Scientologists through disconnection, defamation and discrimination, including efforts to ruin CoS whistleblowers by torpedoing their source of income or running off their customers.

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